Bodoland Territorial Region Agreement Pdf

The Bodoland Territorial Region Agreement (BTRA) is a historic agreement between the Indian government and representatives of the Bodo community in Assam. The agreement was signed on 27th January 2020 after several years of negotiations and protests by the Bodo community.

The Bodo community is one of the largest ethnic groups in Assam and has been demanding a separate state for several years. The BTRA addresses some of the demands of the community and promises to provide greater autonomy and development in the region.

The BTRA is available in a PDF format and can be easily accessed by anyone who wants to understand the details of the agreement. The agreement has several key provisions such as the creation of a Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC), which will have the power to legislate and govern on matters related to the region.

The BTC will also have control over the natural resources of the region and will receive a share of the revenue generated from these resources. The agreement also provides for the inclusion of Bodo language and culture in the education system and the establishment of a Bodo-Kachari Welfare Council.

The BTRA is significant not only for the Bodo community but also for the entire region of Assam. The agreement has the potential to bring peace and stability to the region, which has been marred by ethnic conflicts for several decades.

Moreover, the BTRA has also been hailed as a model for resolving other ethnic conflicts in India. The agreement is seen as a testament to the power of dialogue and negotiation in resolving complex issues.

In conclusion, the Bodoland Territorial Region Agreement is a landmark agreement that has the potential to transform the lives of the Bodo community and bring lasting peace to the region. The availability of the agreement in a PDF format is a testament to the government`s commitment to transparency and accountability. As such, it is essential for anyone interested in the region to take the time to read and understand the provisions of the agreement.