About Us

Our business focus may be diverse, but it is far from complex.

Established in 2011 as a close corporation, 5 Walls started its operation in October 2014 and converted to Pty Ltd in 2016. Since our conception, we have partnered and formed strategic alliances with purpose-driven companies and strategized sustainable initiatives with the aim to transform the marketplace that we are operating in. We are achieving all of these objectives by continuously creating a stronger brand, increasing our market share, and building communities of 5 Walls followers, and advocates.

5 Walls is a 100% black-owned and women managed entity with its headquarter within South Africa.

5 Walls is a preferred partner of choice of companies and institutions that place a premium on performance and employee well-being. Sharing the same passion for service, 5 wall’s objective is to deliver and manage a supreme array of service solutions. We have a drive to consistently seek out partnerships and collaboration opportunities that will enable us to realize our global growth potential more effectively. Our client roster ranges from Mining, Marine, Aviation, Construction, Manufacturing, Defense, Agriculture, and Commercial to Public entities.

At 5 Walls, our people are more than service providers. Our focus is on taking action and making a difference for the better where it matters most. We see this as our fundamental responsibility, and we take it seriously.

About The Founder

Fulu Mphuthi is currently the sole Director for 5 Walls & 5MedOvens hence it is a 100% Black women-owned & managed entity. Fulu’s background includes completing her MBA in the Netherlands, but have completed a Bachelor of Technology in Business Information Systems and a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering.

Fulu is serving as a Board Member for International Air Services Council (Aviation Sector) within the Department of Transport ensuring commitments to the development of the department and its mandate and adjudicating applications for airline license and permit to operate international air services to and from South Africa.

She has extensive experience with knowledge gained from various industries such as food & beverage, Energy, Compliance, financial and consulting Industries. Her wealth of experience has equipped her with the ability to focus on providing sustainable solutions. She is responsible for leading the development and execution of the company’s strategy to create sustainability, building capability, and an appetite to develop solutions within the areas where 5 Walls operates.

Fulu Mphuthi

The 5 Walls Purpose

We believe in creating possibilities within the Marine Value Chain. Our efforts are specifically directed at youth development and women empowerment within the industry.

We will always support our client’s affirmations to manifest by creating a positive working environment where we walk the journey together.

Our carbon footprint is something we are conscious of therefore sustainability is a solution we offer by enhancing & increasing productivity through waste reduction. We always stay on top of current affairs so that we can continue moving with global trends that are shaping the future.

Our mission is to continuously provide Authentic Value Add With Purpose. We will always ensure exceptional products & service offerings to our clients and community.

Our 5 Walls Community

Our years of being in this industry allowed us the privilege of creating a 5 walls community that practices mindfulness to excel in everything we do. We Form strategic alliances to better position ourselves in the market and thus make us leaders in our fields. Never forget that we are humans we always make a point to display compassion for everyone we come across because we attach compassion to our dedicated service offerings.

The 5 Walls Culture

We aid with a conscious mindset knowing that our actions have effects on our clients, the environment and our business. We will always advocate contentment to Humanity because we are always humans first. In our service offerings excellence is always key and we achieve our excellence by always putting safety first And quality of business & life

Our Clients, Partners and Certifications

At 5Walls we pride ourselves on always raising the bar and going out of our way to obtain excellence so that we can best serve our clients. Continuous learning and growth helped us gain our extensive knowledge in the industry, therefore our clients can always rest assured they are in the best hands.